A custom-made service

Going from watches to jewellery, it is our mission to bring back your jewellery or watch to its original state. Hereby, we think that a personal approach is very important. Note that we only do the repairs of the brands that we distribute.


Watches work all day and all night long. Letting them do their job, is what we do.

  • Replacement of a battery
  • Test the waterproofness
  • Repair of a quartz and mechanic watch
  • Service of a quartz and mechanic watch
  • Replace the bracelet of a watch
  • Customize the bracelet of a watch
  • Engrave the case of the watch
  • Polish the case of the watch
  • Rolex service


Jewellery that shines bright, just like the day you bought them? We will take care of it.

  • To make smaller or to enlarge jewels
  • Stringing of pearls
  • Rhodination of jewellery
  • Engrave jewellery
  • To check the assembly

Custom-made jewels

You would like to reshape jewels that you don’t wear any longer to a more contemporary design? Do you need a new frame for an old jewel? Or do you have a specific and very unique piece of jewellery in mind that you cannot find anywhere else? At jeweller Orye, we would like to design custom-made jewels for you.

Explain your wishes to us and we will present the jewel to you by a 3D-design. Do you like what you see? Then we will create the jewel of your dreams.

Do you have any questions about our jewellery collection?

Do not hesitate to contact us!

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