The ROLEX service

A guide in 10 steps

The Rolex service guarantees that every timepiece leaving the Rolex workshop conforms to its original functional and aesthetic requirements. Every interior is fully checked, every case and every bracelet is completely polished and satin-finished, in order to regain their original shine. Precision and water tightness are strictly controlled in order to guarantee the level of quality and reliability one can expect from Rolex.

The identification of your Rolex timepiece

The serial number is specific to your timepiece and its interior. It allows watchmakers not only to check the original configuration of your Rolex, but also to trace the history of revisions performed.

Technical analysis

Before proceeding with the service, the Rolex watchmaker will thoroughly examine your watch in order to make a diagnosis. After a meticulous check of the case and bracelet, the watchmaker examines the interior and determines very accurately which interventions are necessary so that your watch meets the very strict performance criteria of Rolex.

1. The dismantling

The interior is carefully disassembled and each part is cleaned in special ultrasonic baths.

2. Cleaning the interior

The bracelet is detached from the case. The case is opened and the interior is removed. The cabinet is then completely dismantled.

Rolex dismantling

3. Replacing parts

The Rolex watchmaker examines each part of the movement and determines which parts need to be replaced. Only original parts are used, supplied directly by Rolex Geneva.

4. Oiling

Using high-tech oils, the watchmaker carefully lubricates the parts of the interior to minimize friction and wear. This guarantees the precise running of your Rolex.

Rolex oiling

5. The adjustment

The precision of your Rolex is ensured by its pendulum whose frequency exceeds 690,000 alternations per day. To guarantee this precision, the watchmaker makes a careful adjustment of the pendulum, then checks the movement electronically. Your Rolex then undergoes a series of rigorous technical checks over several days.

6. Polishing and satin finishing

The service of the case and bracelet meets the same quality requirements as those of the interior. After a first wash, the case and bracelet are thoroughly examined. Any worn or damaged part will be replaced with an original Rolex piece. Subsequently, the case and bracelet are carefully polished, satin-finished and washed in order to regain the original shine.

Rolex polishing

7. Assembly

The case is reassembled and all seals are replaced to ensure water tightness.

8. Waterproofness test

The case of your watch undergoes a number of strict water-tightness tests, an airless test, then a test under pressure in water and finally a test to detect condensation. This test allows to trace the smallest trace of moisture on the inside of the cabinet.

Rolex waterproof

9. Final quality control

Strict controls are carried out at every stage of the service process. During the final check, the power reserve, precision and aesthetic appearance of your timepiece are checked one last time based on the manufacturing criteria, once again to guarantee optimal quality.

10. The 2-year maintenance warranty

After a full service, your Rolex comes with a 2-year warranty. Naturally, this guarantee does not cover damage resulting from an accident or incorrect use. Any intervention by a third party not recognized by Rolex or any addition of pieces or parts not supplied or manufactured by Rolex itself will void this warranty.

Rolex adjustments

Your Rolex in everyday life

Your Rolex timepiece ticks 86,400 seconds a day, year after year, and its pendulum runs the equivalent of 37,000 miles in 5 years. It is a complex precision instrument that deserves maintenance to function optimally for many years.

In between services, Rolex recommends cleaning your Rolex now and then with a soft brush and lukewarm soapy water. This does not apply to timepieces with a leather bracelet. If your watch comes into contact with sea water, we recommend that you rinse your Rolex thoroughly with fresh water afterwards to remove all sand and salt residues. Also check in advance whether your crown and push buttons are correctly screwed to the case to ensure watertightness.

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