Gold collection

People have been intrigued by gold for ages. With its warm glow, the ocher precious metal easily appeals to the imagination. Are you looking for a jewel for a special occasion? Or are you looking for a jewel that is an extension of yourself? Be inspired by our beautiful collection(s) and discover it yourself.

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A gold that matches

For the creation of our gold jewellery, we work with precious metals of 18 carat gold or platinum. Carat indicates how much gold is used in a piece of jewellery. By combining pure gold with other materials, we can play with the color of a jewel. From ocher yellow, to white gold and rosé – a jewel in every shade of gold to match the personality of the person wearing it.

Mirror of lifestyle

For white gold that lasts a lifetime. We obtain its soft and shiny color by adding silver or palladium to the gold.

Trendy in pink

A jewel with accents of or completely in rose gold, provides a warm appearance. A color slightly different than we are used to, but not any less worthy. The unique glow is created by adding copper to the gold in addition to silver or palladium.

Yellow Gold: for a timeless and elegant piece

Pure gold is Yellow in color, but to soft a metal to be changed into jewellery. To give the gold the hardness and strenght, other metals like copper, silver and palladium are being added. The result? A piece with an intense yellow golden glow. Classic, timeless and for every occasion.

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  • Custom-made

    In addition to our own collections, it is also possible to create a personal and unique custom piece of jewellery. We transform your story or memory into a jewel that exactly reflects who you are.

  • Craftsmanship

    For 25 years, we have been fortunate enough to do what we love. With a lot of passion and craftsmanship, we create beautiful jewels that radiate strength and emotion.

  • 3-year

    You are granted a three-year warranty, which ensures that you can enjoy your newest piece to the fullest. After these three years, you are welcome anytime in our shop for an excellent after-sales service.

  • Certificate
    of purchase

    What are the characteristics of your jewellery and what makes them so unique? To ensure that you cherish your jewellery throughout the years, we provide you with a certificate that contains the description of your jewellery with detailed information about the diamonds and/or gemstones.

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